Here are the basics!

We are Erin & Caitlin! Sassy Filipino-American sisters where Florida is home! Making playful goodies that are raunchy and relatable is what we aim for!

About Our Business

In 2018, Erin, a mom of two, started hand making dreamcatchers simply for extra income. Then in 2020, Caitlin quit her full time job in pursuit of helping her sister expand the biz! Erin has always had a passion to support small businesses and Caitlin decided to step in and help make Erin's passion a reality! :) Slowly, we are expanding out of dreamcatchers and into less kid-friendly creations. Our aim is for relatable and offensively cute designs for those with a similar sense of humor as us! ;)

As we venture out of handcrafts, we will be introducing reusable tote bags, clothing and other apparel into our shop! Stay tuned!